Monday, June 20, 2011

Toast on Market

Everyone is saying that Toast on Market is the place to go for brunch, and we Holladays have to agree that "Everyone" is so right . We would like to take this time to raise our glasses and toast to Toast! Sitting at 736 East Market Street, you can expect friendly smiles and prompt service. The specialty you ask? Take a guess genius, it’s Toast!

Beth and Toast go way back to the beginning of April when she and a dining companion happened upon the casual yet chic breakfast/lunch destination. They were sat immediately on a Friday morning and were satisfied with their server who was more than happy to share the daily specials. Beth observed the walls adored with bold colored paintings of familiar faces and she felt the atmosphere was busy yet relaxing at the same time. They immediately noted that the table for two was a bit small, even without their food in front of them. However, the chairs were comfortable and tables spaced out well so they did not feel cramped.

Beth’s pick was also the staff favorite, simply the Toast and Eggs. This dish however, far exceeds anything that could be described as simple. Eggs over medium draped on toasted brioche and cloaked in the signature “harissa” hot sauce, Beth was sure that her heart must have skipped a beat a time or two. She also swears that the toast was hands down the best she’s ever had. This French bread with incredibly high egg and butter content was so rich that it almost has a pastry like aspect despite the lack of sweetness. The golden, flaky crust was perfectly complimented by the harissa sauce which is Tunisian hot chili sauce commonly used in North Africa. Moderately spicy and insanely flavorful, you must have a brave palate for this one. Her friend opted for the decadent buttermilk pancakes with blueberries which, he noted were spaced out well and were just enough. The hash brown casserole is absolutely amazing. In general, portions at Toast are ample, but this casserole will definitely leave you begging for more with it’s incredibly creamy, cheesy, crispy allure. Let’s face it, hash brown casserole is almost always good but it can be a little dry, leaving you with a parched palate. You will not find that to be the case at Toast. Smitten by the moistness of the heavenly hash and brilliant toasted brioche, Beth just had to take her favorite little bro back for a bite!

We made the smart move to call ahead to make a reservation, since the wait can get pretty long for a Sunday. However, we were surprised we only had to call ahead about fifteen minutes before a 12:30 reservation and were seated within minutes. Beth picked the “South of the Border” omelette, which was extremely fluffy and featured chorizo that was nicely ground. The white cheddar was present yet slightly overshadowed by the spiciness of the chorizo. Perhaps sharp cheddar could’ve given the chorizo a run for it’s money. It was served with medium spicy salsa and sour cream which was not enough for her taste. She opted for wheat bread, delightfully buttered, and no doubt had to go with the hash browns again. She enjoyed this dish but had to say that her heart lies with the brioche toast and eggs. Michael totally agreed that the hash brown casserole was great, not even a little dry like most. He took advantage of the build-your-own omelette option and picked mushroom, avocado, and feta cheese. He noted the eggs to be light and fluffy and was impressed by the nicely ground feta chunks that blended well with the smooth, fresh avocado. He ate half of the omelette, and then, with the other half, he made a sandwich using his sourdough bread, which was equal parts sweet and tart.

The server was not as friendly this time around, although the other staff’s help kept us pleased along with a visit from the manager who asked us how we liked our meal and thanked us for coming in. Hmm... we wonder if word is getting out about this dynamic food blogging duo. Next time we go, we'll have to try out the lunch menu, which consists of not-your-average deli sandwiches (mustard aoili, tangy apple mustard, ciabatta, sourdough, Fontina cheeses, and fresh basil, yes please!) The prices are quite reasonable for brunch with no meal exceeding $10. And, we'll also have to get some mimosas, since we all know that's what a good brunch needs.

Just remember at your next holiday platter, when you are expected to give a toast to a family member’s good fortune and are wondering when the hell it will ever be your turn to receive a toast, you can always slip out with your favorite brother or sister and get your toast at Toast on Market. Until then…Live to eat!

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