Friday, May 27, 2011

North End Cafe

Hip is the perfect word to describe this café which is situated at 1722 Frankfort Avenue at the north end, as the name obviously suggests. After opening in April 2003,  it has become well known by Louisvillians for a killer spread of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, which greatly caters to those who prefer vegetarian and even vegan options.

When it comes to the greatly popular weekend brunch, expect a 30 to 40 minute wait unless you have a reservation. And once you are seated, expect a 30 minute wait or so until food is served. However, like Michael says, you should be willing to wait for good food, and boy is this food good. In fact, it's great! So let the wait begin. You will no doubt be pleased by the impeccable service and an atmosphere that is boisterous and bustling with a modern, fresh appeal, much enhanced by the trendiness of the wait staff. Though, this café is not overly pretentious or trying too hard. The food pretty much says it all.

We were seated on the covered patio for Sunday brunch on Mother’s Day. Our table for four was big and comfortable and we were delightfully pleased that they cranked up the fans on this hot afternoon. Mom enjoyed her garden burger that she described to be freshly ground, a far cry from the imitation meat-like patties that she has had elsewhere. She thought the Swiss cheese enhanced the flavors of her veggies, and she raved about her side salad that included several types of greens, romaine, spinach, arugala, topped with cherry tomatoes, and a unique champagne vinaigrette. Mom was happy and therefore, we were all happy! The daily omelette specials included both a vegetarian and meat option. Michael went with the vegetarian omelette filled with mushrooms, spinach, and Gouda cheese mixed with a white wine cream sauce. He loved it. The spinach was fresh, not soggy in the mixture, and the mushrooms were plentiful. Dad ordered the hearty breakfast which includes two eggs cooked to order, two pancakes, bacon, sausage, home fries, grits, and choice of bread. A truly dad dish. He was satisfied, save for the pancakes that were whole grain. "These pancakes suck. They taste too healthy," he grumbled. Oh, Dad. His down home fried in butter-lovin' food preferences aside, the best part of his meal was the sausage. We all sampled it and agreed it was uniquely spiced and smoked to perfection, much different from the average "breakfast platter" sausage. Beth got the Migas, which include three eggs scrambled with blue corn tortilla chips layered within jalapenos and cheddar cheese. She noted the eggs were very fluffy and the salsa complimented the dish well. 

The menu features a half a dozen choices drastically ranging in price. For example, if you're on a budget, you can get the Basic Breakfast for $5.50, reasonably priced Tapas, Sandwiches, and Salads, or if you're feeling more lavish you can select from several diverse entrees such as Grilled Ribeye or even Scallops and Grits, the most expensive menu item at $22.50.

Needless to say, all the Holladays enjoyed their platters at North End Café. So just remember when you are looking to take your mom somewhere special on her special day, look no further. Plus it’s where all the hipsters take their hip moms. Until next time... Live to Eat!

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