Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Foodie Frenzy: Seviche Latin Restaurant

 Every now and then, food lovers like myself find ourselves swept away in a truly magical meal. The evening of "Thurby" or the Thursday before the Kentucky Derby (locals day), I was fortunate enough to tag along with some dear old and new friends to Seviche Latin Restaurant. We spent a full day at the racetrack complete with unlimited spirits, line-free betting, and plenty of great times. So it was decided to continue the party by making a dinner reservation and everyone agreed on Seviche, upon request of some foodies in our group who are loyal customers. A fine dining favorite for many locals, this spot has been on the radar as one of Louisville's best for around 10 years and it keeps expanding every year. I absolutely adored the exceptional Latino flair that culinary genius Chef Lamas put into every dish.
What I'm about to describe provides just a brief glimpse of what I consumed during this dinner. Keep in mind that it was such a mind-blowingly scrumptuous meal (and we'd been drinking all day at the track), that the details are a bit hazy. But please do read on!!
One Oyster Shooter Please!

This foodie frenzy was out of the gate when our friend Chef Bob ordered the table a round of Oyster "Bloody Mary" Shooters. We toasted to a great day at the track with friends before swallowing the spicy combo of tomato chili broth and horseradish, with west coast oysters, and vodka of course. A-MAY-ZING. The mint leaf and muddled lime in my mojito tasted super fresh, along with a super amount of alcohol. I wasn't complaining though. There were so many awesome apps and seviches being passed around the table for 10, that I found myself a bit disoriented and losing track of what I'd tasted... The Kentucky Bison Empanadas were filled with three of my favs: avo, pico, and jalapeno--me gusto mucho!! The quac was also a tasty treat but was a bit overshadowed by the savory seviches that were spicing up my life. Much like a dream fantasy, I dont remember all the details, I just know, it was fantastic!! However, I definitely did not forget the highlight of our first course.
Our Favorite-- Tuna "Old-Fashioned"
The group completely agreed the Tuna "Old-Fashioned" seviche, served in an appropriate Old-Fashioned glass, was the best app--hands down. We even went so far to call it CRACK "Old-Fashioned" because it was addicting like a drug, but in a good way!! How could you not be addicted to this yummy mixture of tangy orange, classic KY bourbon, and zesty pineapple?! I almost OD it was sooo good!
Before moving on to entradas, allow me to take a minute and say that the water (that's right, I'm talking about the water..) is the most refreshing ever. It's served with slices of fresh cucumber. Mi amiga, Meg later teased me about how I kept raving about the delicious water. It's the little things, right? Now on  to big things...
Churrascos De Argentina  

I ordered the enormous skirt steak, wrapped up neatly and skewered on top of magnificent mashed potatoes. Unfortunately, the photo above doesn't do the dish the justice it deserves. My friends who sampled it expressed much love too. I tried a few bites of my pal JV's Pacific Swordfish which featured lobster truffle butter... yes, truffle, need I say more? The crowd favorite entree was the Halibut and Spicy Crab Cigar--talk about food envy, I wanted this plate bad!! The ooohs and aaaahs heard around the table was like a food lover's symphony, as the intoxicating meal continued on to the dessert course.

Feast your eyes on the dreamy dessert pictured below. Toasted coconut, dulce de leche, and coffee pine nut soil, hit the spot just right. I meant to take a pic of my favorite dessert, the "Avocado" Ice Cream, but the plate was wisked away before I could snap one. It was a popular plate!! The ice cream was served with a bourbon dulce de leche "pit" chocolate shell. So Cute!

Chocolate Tres Leches

We finished off the meal right with an incredible B&B Fine Cognac. I could go on raving about the hazy details of my experience, the wonderful service, the elegant yet cool atmosphere, but I think I'll just leave the rest up to your imagination and maybe even your dreams...
The next time you wanna get swept away by an intoxicatingly amazing meal, please ask me to tag along for a Seviche platter, where foodie dreams come true!!! 

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