Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lunch Time!

In honor of the approaching Mother's Day weekend, I'd like to give a premature shout-out to my one and only, loving and devoted mother and lunch partner, Judi Holladay. We've enjoyed a couple of scrumptuous meals recently that are well worth sharing. First up: Shady Lane Cafe. Feast your eyes on the pics below, including the mouth-watering benedictine sandwich, creamy mushroom soup, and codfish sandwich. I've sampled a good amount of benedictine around the city and must say, this delightful eatery located in the Brownsboro Center (near the Watterson Expressway), ranks among the best. Chunks of fresh cucumber were mixed througout the tangy spread, which we decided to share on wheat bread, along with a coup of yummy soup.

Normally I'm not a fan of mushroom soup, however upon the owner's recommendation,  I found it truly exceeded my expectations. We also went splities on another owner favorite, the hand-battered codfish sanwich on rye. It was perfectly crispy outside, juicy inside, and piping hot!! I found the atmosphere very inviting and casual, yet energetic and lively as it was filled with the chatter of happy customers. Fun fact: The owner Bill Smith is a well-known local poet, who has published work under the name W. Loran Smith.

 Another lovely afternoon mama mia and I headed to Cafe Classico on Frankfort Avenue. I've passed this adorable place about a billion times and have always meant to stop by and I'm so glad I finally did!! With a single rose vase and a votive candle lit on each table, the atmosphere is simply elegant and relaxing --perfect for a romantic date, a friendly affair, or a pleasant solo outing. The mini gelateria, drink selections, and overall cool vibe reminded me of a true Italian cafe.

As always, we decided to split a couple items from the lunch menu. After all, who wants just one meal when you can enjoy two. The Eggplant Pizza was hands down, one of the best pizzas I've tasted all year. The eggplant was baked just enough to be slightly crisp yet moist, and deliciously seasoned. Fresh parmesan cheese and diced tomatoes complimented by the savory pizza sauce and crust.

The Panini Caprese featured spinach, mozarella, tomato, and mom's fav--basil. This tasty treat was fresh, warm, and cooked to my liking. In fact, I found it much more enjoyable than any of the chewy and bland paninis I tried in Italy!
Blue Dog Bakery and Cafe is another fab spot I recently hit up with a dear old friend (those are the best right?) This trendy eatery is also located on Frankfort Avenue, specializing in artisinal breads and pastries. The bright and bustling atmosphere is sure to bring a smile to your face... and let's not forget the eats. We each enjoyed the Mission Fig Salad with mixed greens , walnuts, roasted pecans, bleu cheese, and awesome vinaigrette dressing.
We chose a chicken pizza that was accompanied by to-die-for carmelized onions, fingerling potatoes, and rosemary oil. Yum!!! Need I say more?!



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