Saturday, June 16, 2012

Savory Snapshots (Frankfort Avenue Edition)

Feast your eyes on this

It's chicken 'n waffles y'all!! Courtesy of Silver Dollar whisky bar. Southern food is good for the soul, right? Below you will notice two beautifully refreshing beverages including my favorite on the left, the Rio Bravo. This fanciful whisky cocktail includes muddled strawberries. I'm also fond of the La Paloma in which tequila and grapefruit are combined to create a glorious union, indeed.  

Next up we have the Silver Dollar Mollette Sandwhich (basically grilled cheese topped with some peppers) it was nothing special, however their Sweet Potato Fries were enough to keep this lady smiling. Now let's hit the dusty trail.

Moving on from down home Southern food to a Mediterranean Grille called Shiraz. The mouth-watering and colorful photo below captures the full essence of the Spicy Avocado Bruschetta (my carry-out dinner from a few months ago) Zatar bread is smothered with pesto, avocado, diced tomatoes and scallions, feta, and loads of cilantro. Unfortunately this dish wasn't as spicy as I would have liked... but you know me. It's gotta be hot baby.

Speaking of hot, Osaka Sushi knows how to get the job done with their spicy rolls. Although my heart lies with Maido Sushi, I must say that Osaka is a scrumptious spot. It never lets me down in the heat department. In fact, I've often quoted it as having "The spiciest rolls in town"

A full day at the racetrack with old friends and fun led us into the evening. We ventured to a lovely spot on Frankfort called Basa - a Vietnamese fusion restaurant. My Eggplant entree below left a bit to be desired, however the overall experience including wonderful service, elegant atmosphere, and outstanding appetizers such as the crabcakes, was definitely enough to earn a second reservation.

It's time for dessert. How bout Mint Julep ice cream at Comfy Cow?! I've got it in a kiddie cup in case you're wondering... I do love to indulge but also gotta keep it tight. I just have one word (two syllables) to describe it - Yum-my!!!

Another great ice cream indulgence took place at Pie Kitchen. Sweet and salty, the Caramel Nut hit my spot for sure. That's all for now folks. Stay tuned for more summer time Savory Snapshots and platters. Until then, Live to Eat (on Frankfort Avenue)

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