Thursday, May 17, 2012

Eiderdown: A dinner date with the Holladays

A few months ago, Michael and I ventured to Louisville's Germantown, for a delightful Friday night dinner at a restaurant called Eiderdown. This eatery is warm and inviting with understated vintage elegance. We were sat immediately, at the only high top in the place. I have to admit I felt a little special to be towering above the other tables surrounding us. Michael quickly took note of the excellent craft beer list, as I took note of the adorably tiny salt and pepper shakers, cute little flower vase, and candle-lit arrangement on our sky-high wooden table. We also quickly decided that all of the staff were good looking and we were excited to start our meal off right with an appetizer.

I highly recommend the Beer Cheese (photo above). It is with great sadness that I NEVER expect any appetizer in this day and age, to be served with an ample amount of bread, chips, crackers etc. to compliment a dipping cohort. This particular Beer Cheese appetizer, with it's insanely reasonable price of $5, included the most generous (not to mention delicious) amount of bread / cheese manifestation that I've encountered thus far. In fact, the caramel-colored cheese with its intoxicating taste, and its thick, smooth, creamy texture alone, is reason enough to go back to Eiderdown for round Zwei (2)

For my entree I went with the bacon burger (medium-well) and lightly topped with cheese. It was good. I particularly enjoyed the oh-so-soft bun that was toasted just enough, as well as the fresh mix of diced tomatoes and onions that were served on the side.

Michael went with the veggie sandwhich and smashed potatoes. He gobbled it up.
Overall, I truly enjoyed the eats at this spot and would gladly go again. So, the next time you're in Germantown, give me a call and we'll get down with intoxicating beer cheese (and regular beer) at Eiderdown!! Until then, Live to Eat.

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