Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wild Eggs

I savor rare moments when I am allowed a chance to catch up with my crazy busy friends who are almost all married, working full time, and chasing around their little ones. I like to pretend that I am busy too but seriously, I have more free time and hobbies than anyone should ...hence this food blog. But anyway, like I was saying, I relish the chance to catch up with friends and even more so when I get to meet them out to eat.

Lindsey and I decided to meet at Wild Eggs. I had dined here on two occasions a few years ago and I  recall going bonkers for the "Surfer Girl" - fresh spinach, mushrooms and tomato, adding a little bit of healthy goodness, along with the oddly enjoyable taste of alfalfa sprouts, all mixed in with my favorites - avo, pico, sour cream, and cream cheese baby, yeah. I went in with my mind set on ordering this for the third time. However, I had to change up my plan fast when I realized that Lindsey, who was about 7 months preggers at this time, was game for a gluttonous feast! See photo below.

Now keep in mind that she is a very thin gal and you can hardly tell that she's with child. I am not skinny by any means but I think most people would consider me a smaller woman. So you can only imagine the looks we got from surrounding tables. The two of us, feasting on a platter that could easily feed three hungry was pretty funny

Lindsey started things off right when she ordered an enormous cappuccino with whip cream. She immediately informed me that she wanted to order two entrees for herself and baby. She chose the Kelsey KY Brown (their verson of a hot brown) It sizzles with applewood bacon, creamy white cheddar cheese, and savory turkey, all piled on sourdough bread, and topped with fried eggs and diced tomato. Her second pick was the Rasberries and Lemon Oh My! This buttermilk cake is filled with tangy lemon curd, fresh rasberries, along with a heavenly rasberry sauce, powdered sugar, and topped with whipped cream of course. I sampled a lot of this baby and could not get enough of the rasberry sauce...oh, so fresh and so sweet!

I pondered over ordering one of their decadent crepes, the Sweet Home Apple Bourbon. But I found myself going with a hearty breakfast instead, the Kalamity Katie's Border Benedict. This bad daddy included two eggs over medium - just a little runny in the middle, which was nice - tasty chorizo, creamy fundido cheese, along with my favs - pico, fresh avo, and cream cheese. I didn't care for the green chili cheddar corn cake. It was just like dry corn bread. My dish came with a huge side of standard skillet potoatos and a muffin. However, I opted for the nicely toasted wheat bread instead - my only healthy choice at this platter. Needless to say, we had one hell of a feast. And don't worry, we did take home some boxes.

Wild Eggs is a great spot and definitely earns my recommendation. There are now three locations in Louisville and they are almost always packed for breakfast, brunch, and lunch. You should expect a longish wait on the weekends for breakfast and brunch. But also expect wonderful food and service.

The next time you wanna catch up and celebrate a meal with a good friend, don't hold back. Have yourself a Wild Eggs platter for 2 or better yet, for 3...and Live to Eat !!!!

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