Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bourbons Bistro

This Louisville original restaurant is located in a historic building off Frankfort Avenue in the quaint and charming Clifton area. With 130 or so different bourbons to choose from, including several that are very rare and unique, and a seasonally changing "bourbon inspired" menu, you cannot help but feel the owner's Kentucky pride. About four years ago, an old friend and I wandered into this casually elegant setting for drinks in the bar area. I recall being highly impressed by the bar and the embience of the place but also disappointed that we didn't get to eat there. Since then, I have heard nothing but great things about the food. So when my friend Kristen aka "The Groupon Queen", mentioned she had purchased a groupon for Bourbons, you better believe I was all over it!! We arrived around 9 on Friday night, passing through the lovely patio area which features a fireplace, we entered through the side door. I immediately noticed how chilly it was but was smitten by the cozy aroma of cinnamon. We were quickly greeted by a hostess, who gave us a choice of where to sit and then led us through the bar, towards a sidewalk table for two.

To kick off our big night out, we decided to share a few bourbon cocktails including the "Cobbler" with vanilla, turbinado simple syrup, lemon juice, and soda; and the "Fleur de Leis" with rasberry liquor and cranberry. They were both a great treat however we preferred and highly suggest the Cobbler between the two. Kristen and I adored every inch of our appetizer, the Duck Confit Strudel...that's right, duck strudel. We are fancy ladies. It was a little spicy, which you know I like, with chilis and carmelized onions mixed among delicious goat cheese and shredded duck that was stuffed into a pastry along with baby arugala. We felt the arugala added a wonderful contrasting crunch to the soft texture of the other ingredients, all drizzled with a sherry cream sauce. I would order this app again in a heartbeat. We shared the Bourbons Baked Salmon for an entree and were both more than satisfied. It was rubbed with a bourbon orange molasses glaze that added a great citrus flavor to the dijon mustard and pecans, served with a roasted asparagus risotto. This chef was not messing around.

We really enjoyed sitting outside and noted there was a pretty good bar crowd arriving between 10 and 11. Our only complaint was that our server seemed disinterested, as if we were his last table of the night and he was not eager to please. He didn't care to entice us with lavish descriptions or any upsales. However he did suggest the Cobbler as a favorite after we practically pinned him up against the wall with questions on cocktails. Frankly, he just seemed to be a bit of an odd guy. Fortunately, there were a few servers who happened to be outside and checked on us a few times. So overall, service was not bad. Everything arrived in a timely manner which is always a plus. We wouldn't let one server's lack of interest deter anyone from enjoying this amazing Louisville original.

So the next time you are in the mood for a bourbon cocktail or duck strudel or you simply want to share a delicious meal with your groupon addicted friend, I suggest you head over to Bourbons Bistro....because who doesn't love a good bourbon inspired platter? Until next time, Live to eat!

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  1. Nice find! Once again, you've recommended a place I've never heard of. Adding to my list.